Guiding with Intention


From 绿色的烟囱 Executive Director Dr. 爱德华Placke

This has been a year like no other, and I would like to thank our entire 绿色的烟囱
community for your support of our students, 家庭, 工作人员, 当然, 我们的动物, during these highly unusual times. Following the closure in March, we all had to think like never before to ensure our services continued with the same level of quality and  access for the students and 家庭 that count on us every day.

Over the last several months, our 工作人员 has embraced the challenges, and the opportunities. It was with great pride and diligence that our 工作人员 quickly pivoted to a virtual learning and support environment. The level of professionalism and creativity was exceptional across all departments. Comprehensive summer school and fall reopening plans were developed to ensure all students could maintain their individualized programs. The large majority of students returned to our two school campuses with great success and it has been uplifting to observe the excitement and enthusiasm from both 工作人员 and students.

绿色的烟囱’ response to COVID-19 was and continues to be driven by the philosophy on how we deliver our services and collaborate with each other to do so.

It is known as our Guiding Principles:

  • 我们重视并提倡 Human-Animal and 自然-Based Interactions, understanding the impact they have on social development and emotional growth.
  • We provide supports that are 创伤通知 to create an environment of safety and promote empowerment to the individual while allowing them to heal.
  • 我们提供儿童, 他们的家庭, and our 工作人员 with opportunities for learning and growth by establishing expectations and goals that are Individualized and Strength Based.
  • 我们是 家庭为中心, recognizing that 家庭 are the experts on their child and that strong family and community connections are essential to positive growth and change and a sense of well-being.
  • 我们相信 Positive Reinforcement creates an environment that fosters growth and the development of skills.
  • 我们重视 合作的文化 built on professionalism, accountability, respect and the unique contributions of all team members.
  • 我们是 committed to constant 质量改进 through continuous evaluation, research and adaptation.

These seven principles encompass our beliefs and values as an agency, and are the foundation of our shared commitment to the provision of services, the strength of our culture, and the endurance of 绿色的烟囱.

I thank you for joining us in sustaining this legacy in support of children, animals, and community.

帮助十大网赌靠谱网址平台 continue to serve children, 他们的家庭, and the animals.

Gifts received by December 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous corporate donor. All year-end gifts support 绿色的烟囱’ therapeutic programs for children and animals.